The Piasiniengineering aims to attract a satisfactory number of customers worldwide in order to provide every customer with an efficient, rapid and long-lasting service. We give our partners the opportunity to be themselves authorized dealers in our goods in an established area. So they will be able to benefit from all our technical and commercial experience without let or hindrance.

We are very satisfied with the good performance of our company so far, but we aim at selling our products, which we hope can be more and more in demand by car experts, directly to their customers. So we will be able to tend indirectly to those customers who do not want to go to the company’s headquarters to buy nor to make mail-order purchases.

The strength of our company lies in always improving, as best we can, the efficiency of all the softwares, also the ones of the newest cars and this positive result depends also on our efficient team of engineers. All the latest news are planned out carefully and built as soon as possible.