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Model base  POWER BOX

Toyota Diesel Power Box modules are a category of products whose principle operation is based on the change of control signals and signals sensors outside the engine computer (ECU).

The proposed solutions have been developed so that the effects of their operation are similar to the effects of  Chiptuning.

These changes are sometimes the only possible ones - for instance if the unit is not reprogrammable or if the engine is controlled parametrically on the basis of simple logic circuits, and not by a microcontroller.
The modules can be easily installed and removed from the machine in minutes.



Toyota Diesel Power Box

Fully digital electronic form, increases the power and torque
turbo diesel engines through the amended maps fuel pressure, with a choice between 9 different maps pre loaded selectable by switch. Programs can be modified, changed, switched off from laptop (using the Windows program) via USB cable.


Channels of distribution:


To order directly from Italy Piasineingineering HQ: you can buy the power module Toyota Diesel Power Box with plugs for your car directly from us.


Order from an Authorized Partner: you can buy the power module Toyota Diesel Power Box dowel plug & play for your car from our authorized partners .


                                                                                      Toyota Power Box

                                                                                      A digital solution

                                                           That improves the performance of the diesel engine

                                                                           about 25% power and torque

                                                                       reduces fuel consumption by -10%.

                                                                  It works with common rail diesel engines.



Price 540,00

Contact us at:  info*NOSPAM*@*NOSPAM*piasiniengineering.it

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Serial Suite


Serial Suite Piasiniengineering is a device that  allows reading and writing memory MCU contained in the ECU of engine and transmission, Suite Serial read always the complete content of the file of the ECU to be able to easily return to the stock setting. (backup)

The Piasiniengineering team is ready to provide you calibrations and software for a wide range of car / motorcycle / truck / bike / water slides bike / boat

The kit is dedicated to companies operating into the tune of calibration.
Serial Suite is available in three different versions Slave / Master / Slave linked to the Master.

Software supplied with the kit is easy and intuitive for everyone, it shows clear and simple options with menu.

The software and its many plug-ins are available for Slave and Master device.


To order directly from Italy Piasineingineering HQ:
You can buy Serial Suite Piasiniengineering Slave / Master / Slave link Master by telephone  at +390342489060 or by  email.


Contact us at:  info*NOSPAM*@*NOSPAM*piasiniengineering.it


Serial Suite Slave  2.100,00

Serial Suite Master 5.500,00

Serial Suite Slave linkato al Master  3.600,00



a digital solution     

for reprogramming

of electronic control units.

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