Upon request we take part on the motors bringing specific modifications, study and planning of camshafts (with relative kits reforce springs and piattelli), pistons, workings head on 5  axe CNC and to the crankshaft, all in order to carry to a better performance of the engine. Our society, equipped of precision machinery, can carry out any type of mechanical working, in order to create the best exclusive kits.

We are equipped with engine-dyno of 500kW  Eddy current brake with acquisition data from Rotronics, Car dyno Bench 4WD synchronized with induction motor of 550KW used for the development of our optimized software, and for the final phase of the development for our kits.

High output engine conversions. Surcharged conversions, turbocharger conversions

We convert the engine with the creation of full kits supercharger of turbocharger, we a full planning and adapting of all the parts necessary in order to obtain the increase and  
the performances but also of the reliability of any parts to complete the kit.

Bigger intercoolers kits
The intercooler
for the cars with supercharger or turbocharger engines is vital for the good operation and the duration of the  engine, ours kit are developed for adaptable beings to original cars without any modification. The intercooler is a detail where the constructors speculate very gladly, increasing the surface radiating it make markedly increases of the power and liability. The bigger intercooler increases the power and reduces detonation and gives a greater duration of the turbine and a better stability of the performances in difference temperature of ambientes.

Injection for competition.
For race teams we develop specific systems of injections in order to exalt the best of the engine for racing use only. An stock factory injection system is not conceived them in order to optimize to the maximum from the engine but is develop to lower the bad emissions and to obtain a low consumption, factors that are in contrast with the maximum performances and race applications.