Coil over systems provide increased handling & performance by using an integrated shock and coil spring design. Coilovers allow you to adjust the ride height of your coilovers through the use of wrenches as well as the stiffness and ride quality through the use of adjustment knobs either on the top or bottom of the coilover.

There are two types of coilovers available for most applications. There is a less expensive and also less performance oriented sleeve design coilover kits. These kits typically add just an adjustable height spring perch on the OEM shocks. We offer a true coil-over that replaces both the spring and the shock and have an integrated adjustment system. These are the parts true performance enthusiasts look for performance, durability, and reliability from there suspension set-ups.

Coilovers will allow you to raise and lower the suspension of your vehicle so you can tune how low your cars center of gravity is. The center of gravity of your car will determine how flat and how well it corners by reducing body roll and “hugging the ground”. Most street cars will not want to be to low; as road debris and road level changes can damage the lower body parts on the car such as the front air splitter/bumper and the undercarriage of the car.