Piasiniengineering ranks nowadays among the companies that hold the leadership worldwide as far as it concerns the tuning and the electronic tuning. Our purpose consists in working on the cars in order to obtain from them the best performances both from a mechanical and an electronic point of view.

We deal with any kind of engine run by an ignition and electronic injection system, which need a meticulous timing in order to improve the performances and to protect the environment thanks to a considerable reduction in noxious emissions.

has achieved many great successes also in the field of the racing cars, both nationwide and worldwide.

All our products fit the originals ones without needing further changes to be installed and to work a treat. Every modification we carry out on a single item is always tested in the most diverse and extreme conditions of application, before being sold.

, work to world-wide level, with beyond 300 Autorized partners sale scattered for the local globe, installations and center equipped for development dislocated for countries with specific demands, which Italy, Switzerland, Germany , Hungary, Rumania, Russia,USA, Canada, India and China and all other country !

Our Mission

Our business mission is realized through three fundamental rules:

1. Give to the customers more than they expect.
We must always be aware of the necessities, in continuous evolution, of our partners in order to offer to the final customer the MAXIMUM. Only thus we will be able to offer produced and services that they go beyond their expectations. We are sure that a advanced engagement in order to satisfy totally our public will be rewarded from the market.

2. Create a favourable business climate all' personal initiative.
Who works all' inside of the Piasiniengineering must be an independent and responsible individual. Our system of appraisal rewards the competence and the creativity, promoting the development of the personal abilities.

3. Help growing the know-how in every Authorized partner
Piasiniengineering operates throughout the world, and as such it must act with a vision d' with, a total perspective that does not neglect the local problematic. We must act locally in order to improve l' social habitat, and to think totally in order to contribute to a sustainable development, in the full respect dell' atmosphere.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the innovation is the force point, the wish to improve to all costs and without no compromise it gives the fundamental fuel, flexibility and adaptability is the principles base on which it rests our philosophy. L' high level of support given to the customer sin beginning of every plan and till its conclusion, of it assures every time the total satisfaction.

Our Approach

Solving our customers’ problems is our passion.  As a technology leader, we recognize that the key to customer satisfaction and our long-term success is to anticipate customer needs and develop new technologies and innovative solutions that provide our customers with a distinct competitive advantage. Piasiniengineering has established a reputation around the world for technology innovation and chiptuning industry leadership.  Our game-changing technologies have served to transform whole chiptuning technologies.