Понедельник 25. of Февраль 2013 NEW TUNE ABARTH GRANDEPUNTO EVO 1.4 16v 165cv Turbo MultiAir

"N" and "S" drive mode

Понедельник 17. of Декабрь 2012 Piasiniengineering NEW OPENING TIMES



Пятница 19. of Октябрь 2012 New dyno bench at Piasini Engineering

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Illegal Clones


Clones are copies of Piasiniengineering Serial Suite products which use the copyrighted Piasiniengineering Firmware

without a license. It is strictly prohibited to use Serial suite Piasiniengineering software with illegal

clones of Piasiniengineering products. Manufacturing and selling these clones is an illegal act

for various reasons, amongst them trademark, copyright and unfair business practice


The use of illegal Serial suite clones with this software is a violation of US, European and

other international laws and is prohibited.

If you are in doubt if your unit may be legally used with Piasiniengineering software,

please get in touch with us.

End users may be liable for illegal use of Serial suite Piasiniengineering software with clones.