Preparing Electronic

electro tuning


Any modification is carried out on engines after a long and careful tuning on our test benches and after the modifications any car is test-drived under any type of condition in order to guarantee its full reliability for all our clients. Our work on cars ends with the input of data into the Eprom and with the installation of them in the ECU.

How the ECU works:

The ECU utilizes a microprocessor, which is linked to a ROM called eprom and which contains some hexadecimal values able to calculate advanced ignition and injection and also some boost values for the cars supplied with turbocharger. In order to control the engine, some sensors analyse some input physical quantities, which define the engine's features. After that these physical quantities are turned into electric signals, they are examined by the ECU, which establishes , with this information, ignition time, injection time, advanced ignition and the other parameters quoted heretofore.